Why do we ask that parents remain in the waiting room?

We always ask that parents remain in the waiting room for a few reasons. Orthodontic offices use what is called an “open bay” treatment area, meaning there are not separate rooms for each patient. This enables Dr. Asano to see patients quickly and actually, provides a fun atmosphere for the patients! We do not want to make our other patients uncomfortable by having extra people in the treatment area. Another very important reason is having an orthodontic appliance takes some maturity on the patient’s behalf. If a patient is unable to be seen without a parent, they may not be ready for orthodontic treatment. We always welcome questions and do our best to escort your child out to you at the end of appointments to keep you informed of their treatment progress.

Do we extract (pull) teeth?

We NEVER pull any teeth in our office. Sometimes during orthodontic treatment we may ask that a primary (baby) tooth be extracted to allow for more room for the rest of the teeth that are coming in. We also request that some adult teeth be extracted if there is not enough space in the patient’s mouth. For any of these procedures we will refer the patient to their dentist or the oral surgeon in more difficult cases.

Do we us needles?

We NEVER use needles. As a matter of fact we don’t even have any in our office! None of the procedures performed in our office require any anesthesia – no injections, no gas. While some of the appliances placed may cause temporary discomfort, it only lasts for a short period of time and is very minor.

Can I have after school appointments?

We will try to work with everyone’s schedule the best we are able. However, some appointments take longer than others do and you may be required to miss some school in order to allow for sufficient time for your appointment. We schedule the longer appointments in the morning so that we may see more patients in the afternoon after school. Everyone benefits from this protocol once they are in active treatment. Also, we recommend that you schedule your subsequent appointment before you leave our office.

What if there is a snow day when I’m scheduled for an appointment?

We will always be here even in the case of a snow day. If we are unable to make it in to the office, an announcement will be made on your local radio stations. We understand that just because we are here, that does not mean you can necessarily make it in. In this case, we ask that you call to let us know you not be able to make it to your appointment. When in doubt we would much rather have you stay safe than chance driving in unsafe conditions. Appointments can always be rescheduled!

Do I still need to see my dentist while I’m being treated at the orthodontist?

Absolutely! It is very important that your regular hygiene or “cleaning” appointments are kept with your dentist during your treatment with us. When you have appliances in place, there is more of a change for decay to occur and we want you to keep your regular check ups with your family dentist. We do not do cleanings here and it is vital that your teeth remain healthy and clean while you are being treated by us.

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